Developing supportive intimate relationships is one of the most important areas of our life. When couples struggle, we often feel frustrated and scared that our best efforts have failed to improve the situation.  Our professional and caring psychologists at Unify Health have the benefit of extensive training in research-based approaches to couples therapy that can help you to achieve your relationship goals.

Deeksha Chopra works with couples using the evidence-based approach of Gottman Method Couples Therapy (GMCT) which was developed by Dr John and Julie Gottman based on 40+ years of extensive research.

(1) Couples Therapy Assessment Phase (ideally completed across 2 weeks)

1.      Initial Session as a Couple, 90 minutes ($210)

2.      Individual Online Questionnaires, completed in your own time and before the individual sessions ($130 per couple)

3.      Individual Sessions, 50 minutes each ($169 per person)

4.      Feedback and Planning Session as a Couple, 90 minutes ($210)

(2) Couples Therapy Intervention Phase 

–          Ongoing Couple Sessions, 90 minutes ($210) 

Dee has weekday after hours and Saturday morning appointments available for couples if required.

For further information on GMCT, see the link: